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The fkks cert gmbh

From the beginning of 2008, certifications will be performed by a newly founded subsidiary of the fkks. The new company is named fkks cert gmbh and its establishment reflects the aim of the fkks to improve the recognition of its certification activities at home and abroad, as well as the desire to improve services for its customers. In doing so, fkks cert gmbh has been able to enhance the range of services provided. Existing personnel and certification methods were transferred to the fkks cert gmbh, so that qualification, competence and contact persons were retained.

The fkks cert gmbh is the first accredited certification body in Germany qualified to oversee the certification procedures and requirements of the CP industry. The company certifies and monitors individual experts in the field of CP in accordance with EN 15257:2006 and EN ISO 15257:2017. This approach ensures that the individual procedures are tailored to the needs of the market and are tightly meshed.

After certification by fkks cert gmbh, experts can demonstrate to their customers and business partners that they are at the cutting edge of the industry.

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